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Founded in the year 2000 by Roland and Paulina Schneider who along with their then 10 year old son, Alan, left their home country of Colombia looking for a safer home.


While living in central florida the Schneiders realized there were no options for high quality raw sugars at afordable prices. 

Having known that  Colombia has always been a great producer of sugar cane the Schneiders decided to start a company focusing on less processed, raw sugars. With the launch of TWCorp and the brands Batey and Mimosa Sugars, a great journey began for the whole family.

Through sacrifice and hard work the family began their pursuit of the American Dream. At first, Roland and Paulina would visit small grocery stores offering their sugar and initially many stores would say no, but others saw the great opportunity and brought on the product. As time passed and customers kept asking for the sugar with the “large golden crystals” more stores decided to bring on the items. 

After many years of perseverance and hard work, the family and the TWCorp team continue to grow and stablish the brands BATEY and MIMOSA as household names by providing great service and products to over 8,500 stores that have chosen TWCorp.

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